“It will take some time to get my business where it needs to be, but now I know what I need to do and that my efforts are taking me in the right direction.”
—Julie, luxury retail

“By working with Melanie, I gained the confidence to grow my business to capacity. She expanded my thinking and challenged me to dig deeper into my creative ideas for building the business.”
Pat, world-class dog training and coaching 

“Visionaria helped me examine the real details of my business. We looked at the potential risks of how I was working and ways to increase my business viability. With a better understanding of my business model and finances, I was able to approach the bank and triple my financing.”
Ally, lumber trading

“Simply put, I am where I am now because of Melanie. She believed in me, challenged me and never let me lose sight of the numbers. She showed me how my business could be more than I thought possible.”
Liza, post-natal doula services